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Closet Organization

Perfectly organized kid closet

While organizing kids closets we always think about immediate needs while considering future needs as well. We employ organizational systems that kids can use!

Craft Organization

Kid craft closet organized using temporary storage solutions

Our organizers create craft closets/rooms that are fully functional and stylish. Again, using systems that are easy for kids to follow.

Creative Solutions

Organized hidden charging station for kid electronics

We pride ourselves on having creative solutions for everyday kid problems. Home organizing will save you time and money while leaving your spaces frustration free.

Toy Rooms


Kids toys can be overwhelming, but don't worry! We were put on the planet to organize toy rooms. We will create a system that even your kids will understand! 


let us organize your nursery

With six kids between the two of us, we get babies and what they need. Let us help set up and organize your nursery so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Also makes a wonderful gift for an expecting mom.

Try Us

organized puzzles with custom labels

Whatever the space, whatever your needs, contact us today to see how we can help simplify your life. 

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Interested in professional organizing from Composed Kids? Have a question about what we do? Want to know if our organizers are a good fit? We'd love to help you regain control! Call or text to set up a complimentary consultation. 

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